30 November 2020,   03:19
CEC gives self-isolated voters extra day to request mobile ballot box

The deadline for self-isolated voters to request a mobile ballot box has extended, according to the decision of the Central Election Commission (CEC). Self-Isolated voters may contact the CEC until 14:00 of October 27th instead of 22:00 of October 26 and request the mobile ballot box service.

It is already the third day since the CEC Call-Information Center operates at its full capacity and 25 operators indicate requests of the citizens. We would like to remind you, that only self-isolated voters whose data is officially recorded in a database of the relevant agency will be able to use the mobile ballot box service.

About 4000 individuals applied to the CEC Call-Information Center requesting a mobile ballot box, and the calls are being received even in these minutes.

The Election Administration (EA) will inform self-isolated voters through social media networks and media, as well as via SMS concerning the extension of the deadline. Additionally, tomorrow morning by an official statement, the EA once again will remind the aforementioned category of voters to be active, call the CEC Call-Information Center at the following telephone number 2-51-00-51 (0) until 14:00 of October 27th and timely request the mobile ballot box service.