01 December 2021,   23:12
European Georgia refuses to enter the Parliament

European Georgia refuses to enter the new-elected Parliament. The relevant statement has been made by the party leaders at the special briefing.

“These were elections, where the orchestrated falsification machine was working at full capacity. The falsification involved the party, state and criminal structures. The elections cannot be considered free, when voters are intimidated and bribed. These elections were neither free nor fair and these elections did not reflect the will of the Georgian people.

Consequently, we’ve all discussed and made a unanimous decision - European Georgia refuses to enter the parliament and participate in the second round.

This is not an ordinary protest or an ordinary boycott. We have always supported and continue to support participation and activism in the parliament, but today we are dealing with a state falsification machine and a fundamental distortion of the will of the people. We cannot tolerate this and therefore we cannot legitimize this”, - said Davit Bakradze, one of the party’s leader.