30 June 2022,   20:49
Live chain on various streets of Tbilisi - opposition to meet with Mike Pompeo with rally

After internal consultations leaders of the opposition parties decided that their protest against the election results will take various forms. The rallies are also scheduled for the day of US Secretary of State’s visit to the country.

Rallies will be held in Tbilisi during the visit of Mike Pompeo, but there will be no political speeches.

“It’s not going to be a day of political rallies. People on our central avenues are going to be out there, observing the distance, there will be stickers saying that election was rigged. There will be a human chain, posters and a lot of US flags as a way of saluting our strategic partner”, - said Gigi Ugulava, one of the leaders of European Georgia.

“We discussed organizational issues related to tomorrow’s rally. As you know, a large - scale opposition rally is planned for tomorrow at 3 pm on Rustaveli Avenue. The rally needs logistics, organization and we went through these issues in detail.

Mike Pompeo is coming to support our country. Will hold a rally for him, but, of course, there will be elements related to the October 31 elections”, - added Zaal Udumashvili, a member of the United National Movement.