19 October 2021,   13:42
European Georgia to recall its election commission members from all 17 constituencies

The opposition European Georgia party says that it will recall all its commission members from 17 election constituencies where the second-round of elections will take place on Saturday, November, 21.

“European Georgia is not going to enter the Parliament and participate in the second round of the elections. Therefore, we have decided to call out 1,922 members of our commission from 17 constituencies where the second round will be held.

We are doing this because not only in the parliament but in the election commissions the Georgian Dream will be alone, they can do whatever they want to falsify elections.

Georgian Dream will have to hold the so-called run-off formally. We have made the decision to show that the elections are completely illegitimate”, - said Sergi Kapanadze, one of the leaders of the European Georgia.