05 December 2021,   06:34
The organization of the so called "corridors of shame" – Kakha Sabanadze

According to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kakha Sabanadze, the organization of so-called corridors of shame near the polling stations contains signs of a crime and in case of this action the police will have an immediate response.

“We would like to provide public with information on measures planned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure that the second round of parliamentary elections are held in a safe and peaceful environment.

On November 21, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will ensure security and rule of law throughout the entire country to enable all citizens cast their votes in a free and safe environment.

As we have already informed the public, mobile police groups were created to ensure safe election environment. On November 21, as in the first round of parliamentary elections, mobile police groups will be fully mobilized across the country to preserve public order.

We would also like to respond to recently made public statements that certain political groups are planning to organize the so called “corridors of shame” for those who will decide to go to the polling stations to cast their votes on November 21.

We would like to outline that the organization of the so called “corridors of shame” at the polling stations, clearly goes beyond the permissible norms of freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia, represents a gross violation of the rights of the citizens envisaged by the Constitution, undermines public safety and contains signs of criminal action, as it is unequivocally aimed at obstructing the voting process by making direct impact to create pressure on voters and force them not to participate in the elections against their actual will.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on the representatives of the relevant political groups that in case if their actions will contradict any of the articles envisaged by the Criminal Code, the police will make immediate response to foil and expose the criminal offenses within the frames of powers defined by law.

We call on all individuals or organizations involved in the election process, regardless of their political affiliations, to ahere to the requirements of the law, follow the rightful demands of the police and contribute to preserving peaceful environment during elections.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs actively cooperates with international monitoring missions and local non-governmental organizations. On Election Day, on November 21, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will periodically inform observer organizations as well as the public and all interested parties regarding the possible irregularities during the elections, resposes of police and other issues within the competence of the police.

Police will not allow the election process to develop in a violent scenario and will react strictly to each fact of violation. Police will protect the constitutional rights of each citizen to be the source of state authority and will ensure that citizens cast their votes, make their political choice in a peaceful and secure environment”, - said the Deputy Minister.