03 December 2021,   11:02
Coordination council discusses tightening and extension of precision- targeted restrictions

Tightening and extension of precision-targeted restrictions were considered by the Inter-Agency Coordination Council led by the Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia at a meeting held today at the Government Administration by taking into account the existing epidemic situation in the country.

Outcome of discussions on the tightening of precision-targeted restrictions with a direct engagement of businesses, healthcare professionals and representatives of various sectors, along with specific decisions will be announced shortly.

Government aims to take shared decisions on the grounds of consultations with businesses and healthcare professionals to cause less damage to the economy on the one hand and to prove effective in terms of managing the community transfer rate of COVID-19 in the country on the other hand. At the same time, it was stressed that tightening of precision-targeted restrictions will not lead to a decline in the number of viral infection, though it will facilitate the limited transmission and stability of the situation in the country.

Current situation at hospitals and measures taken for the effective management of the clinical sector were also discussed at the meeting. In addition, attention was paid to steps made towards mobilizing additional resources in terms of hospital beds in critical and intensive care units.

It was noted at the Coordination Council meeting that the country is approaching a peak threshold of community transfer rate and the existing epidemic situation is challenging, though remains under control.

In addition, it was once again underlined that facemasks and social distancing are important in preventing the viral spread, which will fall under a more rigid control of respective institutions.