16 January 2021,   01:43
Government may reconsider issue of opening trade centers a week earlier - Beka Dochviri

The trade center heads’ requirement on opening centers a week before 24 December will presumably be reconsidered. Such a statement made today the Parliamentary Secretary of the Governemnt.

“These restrictions aim to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and people mobility by pursuing the interests of both the economic and business sectors. The Government had consultations with all parties concerned and tried to consider their interests. Business and health sector, as well as epidemiologists, were involved in the process, with all positions subjected to meticulous review. Naturally, everyone’s interests could not have been taken into account, for people"s health and lives are what really matters today”, - said Beka Dochviri.

Representatives of the malls request to be allowed to open a week before December 24th, and in return to be closed during January. As they said, if they have the opportunity to work for two weeks instead of one before the New Year, they will be able to better control the flow of customers to prevent collapse.