28 January 2022,   23:18
17 000 - the number of tests conducted across the country exceeded the highest mark

Performance of the intensive testing program implemented within the scope of a 2-Month-Long Plan of COVID Restrictions designed by the Government of Georgia, record-high numbers of infection witnessed both globally and domestically within the last 24 hours, along with the preparation works carried out in the country for the uninterrupted provision of the vaccines were among the key topics of discussion at the Inter-Agency Coordination Council led by the Prime Minister.

It was noted at the meeting of the Council that the nation-wide testing has exceeded the highest indicator so far and covered 17 000 people in the last 24 hours. It is planned to administer about 20 000 tests a day from the end of this week, which will supplement the private lab indicators. Application of antigen-based express test will be particularly extended within the initiative.

Citizens of Georgia who experience symptoms characteristic to the respiratory virus: cough, fever, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, may approach healthcare institutions through a referral by their family doctors and without it to get tested with antigen-based tests, which will give out a response in 20 minutes. If proven positive, citizens should communicate with their family doctors, who may be located through a designated web portal of the Ministry of Health of Georgia (MOH) at http://ambulatoria.moh.gov.ge/ or should call a hotline of the MOH at 1505.

Amiran Gamkrelidze, Head of the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) noted thereby that the number of polyclinics is increasing that will get engaged in the management of the pandemic in the country and namely about 223 healthcare institutions have been designated to administer tests at their premises. He also added that every hospitalized individual will be checked through an antigen-based test irrespective of their symptoms.

Council focused on the record-high number of viral spread both globally and domestically within the last 24 hours. In the opinion of the Head of Government of Georgia, an intensive testing program launched yesterday will facilitate quick diagnostics and provision of information against the background of the challenging epidemic situation. It will slow down the community transfer rate and thereby stabilize the situation to the extent possible.

It was also noted at the meeting of the Council that a Task Force established under the instructions of Giorgi Gakharia for the uninterrupted flow of the COVID-19 vaccination process is working intensively with an engagement of the respective institutions. Preparation works for the immunization stage imply both timely supply of the vaccines, as well as all the respective infrastructure and logistic works to make sure that the country gets readily equipped for the launch of COVID-19 vaccination. Apart from COVAX platform, negotiations are underway with international partners and pharmaceutical companies through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and overseas diplomatic missions of Georgia.

Availability of hospital beds was also discussed at the meeting of the Council today, along with the additional measures taken to mobilize more hospital beds and medical equipment. It was mentioned that special focus is maintained on patients with acute and critical health conditions.