23 January 2022,   22:59
We will continue to talk with 7 parties - Carl Hartzell

We will continue to talk with seven political parties. Such a statement made today the EU Ambassador to Georgia after the meeting with representatives of the opposition.

“Today, we had a discussion with seven opposition parties. We will now consider this and see how we can use that to bring things forward. It is important that there is continuous thinking on all sides about how to find that magic common ground that we hope will be possible to be found in the end. I would not be able to say more than that at this point.

For me, it’s clear that these discussions are going to be difficult, but I think it should be possible objectively to find a way forward that will meet many of the concerns heard in the last couple of weeks but also bring things forward for the sake of both stability and continued democracy here in Georgia”, - said Carl Hartzell.