28 January 2022,   22:43
Minister of Agriculture Levan Davitashvili sums up 2020 year

The Minister of Agriculture presented the annual report. According to Levan Davitashvili, food supplies have become a challenge for many countries amid the pandemic, but Georgia overcame these difficulties very well.

“We created a special system to monitor food supplies and ensure that the population of the country was provided with food, had stable stocks and no interruptions in supply. We had a continuous supply of all products. We always monitored the wheat stocks and that was the task of our ministry, but in addition to wheat we started monitoring all the primary products.

In parallel with the fight against the pandemic and its negative effects, the ministry continued to implement all the projects developed by the state to promote development of the agricultural sector.

In 2020, despite the crisis situation created by the pandemic, the export rates of Georgian products are growing at a record high. As of December 13, Georgia exported over 25,000 tonnes of peaches, 16,000 tonnes of tangerines, 12,000 tonnes of hazelnuts, 10,000 tonnes of persimmons, 6,000 tonnes of apples and 600 tonnes of blueberries”, - said the Minister.