23 January 2022,   22:22
The responses of the Ministry on the incidents during the elections were instantaneous - Vakhtang Gomelauri

The acting Minister of Internal Affairs presented the report on activities of the Agency carried out throughout 2020 within the frames of the project – “Government Report to Citizens”. Vakhtang Gomelauri reviewed the activities implemented by the various Departments of the Ministry throughout this year.

“2020 was challenging not only in the areas of fighting pandemic, but also in ensuring the conduct of Parliamentary elections in a peaceful and secure environment.

The Ministry was ensuring the rule of law during the parliamentary elections, in order to safeguard that each citizen of Georgia had the opportunity to make his/her choice in a free and secure environment.

We actively cooperated with the international observing missions and local NonGovernmental Organizations. We proactively provided them with the information on the incidents during the elections and the responsive measures undertaken by police.

Ministry of Internal Affairs actively cooperated with the Interagency Commission for Free and Fair Elections, and the responses of the Ministry on the incidents received from the commission were instantaneous”, - said Vakhtang Gomelauri.