23 January 2022,   22:47
A draft Law on Amnesty to be submitted to the Parliamentary Bureau

The draft law on amnesty will be submitted to the Bureau of the Parliament today, after which the discussion process will continue in the committees.

The bill provides for the release from criminal liability and appropriate punishment of those who committed certain crimes under the bill before December 11, 2020, although the bill does not provide for some crimes such as murder or even domestic violence. The proposed initiative implies several principled approaches, according to which:

1. In the case of crimes specified in the draft law, which are related to causing property damage to the victim, the obligatory precondition for release from the sentence will be compensation, and in some cases - the consent of the victim;

2. In some cases, no previous conviction is also a precondition.

3. It is also envisaged to release persons from the criminal fine imposed before October 1, 2012.

The bill, according to the above-mentioned approaches, includes a rather large list of crimes that will be subject to amnesty, namely: theft, forgery, damage to property, some categories of bodily harm, etc. The amnesty covers a total of 44 offenses.