23 January 2022,   23:00
It will not be easy to work without discussions and opposition - Giorgi Gakharia

It would not be easy to work without discussions and debates and we must do everything to resolve this problem and fill this part of the Parliament in the nearest future. Such a statement made today by the Prime Minister nominee during his speech at the plenary session of the Parliament.

“Unfortunately, a part of the session hall is empty simply because the opposition parties are not present. Journalists asked me whether I feel comfortable with the single-party Parliament, the absence of opposition in the session hall, or the confidence vote by one party only.

Of course, it is not comfortable. We understand that any right decision must be taken based on a healthy discussion and dispute. We had a pretty good experience in this direction for years.

We have never been intimidated by substantive discussion and debates. Furthermore, it is not comfortable for our citizens who voted for nine parties and decided that there should be 60 opposition seats in this Parliament”, - said Giorgi Gakharia.