23 April 2021,   02:58
Today or tomorrow, Badri Esebua will definitely be arrested - Vakhtang Gomelauri

Today or tomorrow Badri Esebua will definitely be arrested. Such a statement made today the Minister of Internal Affairs Vakhtang Gomelauri in the Parliament in response to a question of lawmakers.

“He will definitely be detained. For example, three weeks ago we arrested a person wanted for the murder committed under aggravated circumstances 12 weeks ago. I do not want to boast and say in advance that [Badri] Esebua would be arrested tomorrow, the next day, in an hour or in a month.

There were two directions - either to start an operation and maybe more people would die or do what we did. I explained to the Prime Minister what the options were. This was the American standard! He told me no bloodshed! Our employee risked his life and went with him by car”, - said Vakhtang Gomelauri.