15 May 2021,   18:40
The President of Georgia is ready to pardon Giorgi Rurua on certain conditions

The President of Georgia is ready to pardon Giorgi Rurua, but she sets certain conditions for that.

“In my view, no one will be left surprised if I say that the man who I know and the entire public knows well, and who may be called lots of things except for a “political prisoner”, does not fall into the category of those people who can be released on parole. Despite this, I have always considered that a President is obliged to put the country before personal principles when it is in a political crisis.

I am ready to make a scandalous decision. I make this decision only on the condition that this step should be the last chord to end this crisis and pave the way for the country and the Parliament to enter a normal political regime and face challenges without any other demands.

My decision will be implemented only when the parties sign the final document and enter parliament, and on the other hand, the representatives of the EU and the US announce that an agreement is reached. I will sign the pardon act within a week after this announcement”, - said Salome Zourabichvili.