18 September 2021,   02:46
The temporary Parliamentary fact-finding commission has completed its work

The Interim Fact-Finding Commission on the Parliamentary Elections of October 31, 2020, has held a final sitting.

The Chair, Givi Mikanadze introduced the report and elucidated the procedures.

According to him, the conclusion of the Commission and the draft Resolution will be submitted to the Bureau to be further discussed with the I reading at the plenary session.

He dwelt on the recommendations issued to the Central Election Commission, Prosecutor’s Office and the Interior Ministry.

The part of the recommendations concerns the changes to the Election Code.

Mikanadze introduced the 8-page draft Resolution providing that “the Commission has revealed the gaps, mostly the technical misconducts entailed of the pandemic and the stress, negligence by the members of the District Electoral Commission and their lack of competence”. However, the revealed gaps could not have an essential impact on the returns of the Elections.