04 December 2021,   17:55
Another dirty provocation - Irakli Garibashvili on the information spread about Georgian Dream mayoral candidates and clergy

The Prime Minister of Georgia responded to the materials spread on the Internet relating to the wiretapping of politicians, clerics and journalists by the State Security Service.

“I cannot but respond to the very serious provocation we saw yesterday. This is another dirty provocation against our state, our faith and our church, as the most authoritative institution. In addition, we saw what kind of attack was carried out against even the State Security Service - one of the main state agencies, what kind of dirty provocation was planned.

They permanently fight against the army, against the police, against the court and against all authoritarian institutions. Why? In order to demoralize and discredit the system.

Our wise people know very well that we are dealing with an anti-national and, at the same time, anti-church, anti-state force, and it is no coincidence that our population finally rejected the oppressive, harmful and anti-state policies of these people 9 years ago and this rejection was confirmed in 7 elections.

Of course, we are well aware of the purpose of this provocation, but we must go to the polls very calmly, win very strongly and continue to govern and develop our country”, - said Irakli Garbashvili.