26 October 2021,   18:08
Those accused in murder of Nika Kvaratskhelia sentenced to imprisonment in absentia

Tbilisi City Court sentenced the accused in the murder of Nika Kvaratskhelia to imprisonment in absentia as a measure of restraint.

Judge Davit Kurtanidze announced the decision. The next court hearing is scheduled for November 15.

Police solved the fact of premeditated murder that took place on Anjaparidze Street in Tbilisi on September 15, 2021.

Investigation established that A.Ch. (DoB 2000) and G.K. (DoB 1999), acted according to previously elaborated plan to murder N.K. (DoB 1999). On September 15 the mentioned persons rented a car and drove to the direction of Veriko Anjaparidze Street in Tbilisi to ambush N.K.

Based on the evidence obtained in the case, it was also established that A.Ch. made more than 10 shots to the direction of N.K. and fled from the place of crime along with G.K. by the rental car. Due to the received body injuries, N.K. died after being transferred to the hospital.