29 May 2022,   09:22
The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirms that 2 people accused of Niko Kvaratskhelia murder have been detained

Police detained two wanted persons accused of premeditated murder on Anjaparidze Street in Tbilisi, on September 15, 2021.

The committed crime envisions from 13 to 17 years of imprisonment.

Within the frames of the ongoing investigation, it was established that A.Ch. and G.K. plotted to assassinate N.K. for which they illegally purchased firearms, ammunition and rented a car from one of the citizens. On September 15 of the current year, the mentioned persons ambushed N.K. on Veriko Anjaparidze Street in Tbilisi with a rented car.

It was also established that A.Ch. fired more than 10 shots from the firearm in the direction of N.K. and fled the scene in a rented vehicle along with G.K.

As a result of received gunshot wounds, N.K. died after being transferred to hospital.

On September 18 of the current year, Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia brought charges against A.Ch. and G.K. in absentia under article 109, part II, sub-paragraph “E” and article 236, part VI, sub-paragraph “A” which stipulates premeditated murder committed in group and illegal purchase, keeping and carrying of a firearm. After the charges were brought, the mentioned persons were declared as wanted.

As a result of complex investigative-operative and search activities carried out by the law enforcers, both wanted persons - A. Ch. And G.K. were arrested in Tskneti, Tbilisi.

At the moment, relevant procedural and investigative activities are underway.