18 January 2022,   19:48
Mtavari Arkhi terminates contract with IPSOS

Mtavari Arkhi terminates the contract with the company IPSOS.

According to Nika Gvaramia, General Director of channel, IPSOS will no longer conduct exit polls on behalf of Mtavari Arkhi.

Besides, the broadcasting company is suing the research organization in court and is seeking compensation for the damage caused.

“By this clearly disingenuous and extremely suspicious behavior, IPSOS has discredited itself irreparably. Even a company with a damaged reputation can no longer be a reliable and trustworthy partner for us.

All the more so during elections that are of existential importance to Georgia, and even more so when we are talking about exit polls.

We apologize to all the conscientious and highly competent employees of IPSOS, with whom the cooperation was a great honor and extremely effective. However, we regret that they have not been able to stop these types of actions and, among other things, protect the reputation of their own company from unscrupulous individuals”.