25 May 2022,   21:13
Over the coming years, the United States pledges to stand with the people of Georgia - 30th Anniversary Celebration speech by US Ambassador to Georgia

US Ambassador to Georgia has released a statement on the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Georgia.

“As a result of our 30 years of cooperation, we are proud to have earned the confidence and friendship of the people of Georgia. There is a deep reserve of trust and respect that has developed as we navigated the difficult transitions Georgia has gone through. That trust and respect is precious to us. There is strong interest and bipartisan support for our goals in both the legislative and executive branches of the United States stemming from our shared democratic values. The United States has a huge interest and desire to see Georgia fulfill its trans-Atlantic destiny.

Thirty years. It’s a long time, and also just a beginning. Georgians have seen Soviet oppression of the language and Church collapse. You’ve seen thieves-in-law terrorize average citizens and send the country into lawlessness. You’ve seen war, fighting, political turmoil, revolution, but also the peaceful transfer of power. That is real progress. Many important reforms have been implemented, with calls to continue the momentum for reforms needed to build a modern, prosperous, inclusive country on the solid foundation of Georgia’s unique culture, faith, and traditions. Throughout all of these turbulent times, the United States has supported the people of Georgia.

Thirty years. It’s a long time, but also just the beginning. Over the coming years, the United States pledges to stand with the people of Georgia to support our shared values and strengthen the institutions necessary to protect them. We want to continue our work together to stimulate and diversify Georgia’s economy to create better jobs and more opportunities for Georgians. We can look back at 30 years of remarkable progress working together. And we look forward to celebrating Georgia’s achievements as friends and strategic partners for many years to come. Georgia’s greatest victory will be its success in building a prosperous, secure, vibrant democracy. The American people are proud to be part of that historic effort”, - said Kelly Degnan.