18 May 2022,   18:00
We would sincerely hope that UNM will come into Parliament - Kelly Degnan

US Ambassador to Georgia responds to the possible end of Parliament’s boycott by the United National Movement.

“Of course, the United States has been encouraging all of the parties, especially UNM, to enter parliament since the parliamentary elections, because we are convinced that the place to advocate for your interests and your beliefs is inside of parliament.

Use the democratic institutions that Georgia is trying to build, and create a representative parliament that reflects the diversity and the views of all of Georgia’s citizens. So, we would sincerely hope that UNM will come into parliament. And once in parliament, we would be thrilled to see the ruling party and opposition work together on initiatives that are in the best interests of this country.

This will take negotiation. This will take time. This will take back and forth, but that’s how parliaments function. And I think it will be in Georgia’s best interests if the ruling party and the opposition in good faith can work together to adopt initiatives and then implement initiatives that are in this country’s best interests”, - said Kelly Degnan.