16 May 2022,   10:17
Another resolution in support of Ukraine to be registered in the Parliament today

Fridon Injia presented a draft resolution on the unfolding events in Ukraine drafted by the Political Group European Socialists.

According to the draft resolution, the “European Socialists” are concerned about a possible military escalation in Ukraine and condemn any action that violates a sovereign state"s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Military escalation in Ukraine will threaten not only the region but also global peace and security. We uphold the principles of international order and internationally recognized principles of international law, including the principles of the inviolability of borders, territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the State. Also, the sovereign right of the state to join any international, political, economic or military organization. We are in favor of the recognition and establishment of the principles of peace and cooperation in international relations”, - the resolution reads.

The “European Socialists” call on the parties directly or indirectly involved in the conflict to show restraint.

“We believe that the prevention of military escalation in Ukraine should be the main concern of the international community, which will be possible through the implementation of the Minsk Agreement and the Normandy Format decisions. Taking into account all the above and in the interests of the Georgian state, we appeal to the Georgian government to employ all diplomatic means and to engage as much as possible in the peaceful easing of military escalation in Ukraine”, - said Fridon Injia.