01 December 2022,   18:13
Police seized illegal weapons and ammunition - 3 arrested and 1 exposed

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has seized illegal firearms and ammunition as a result of recently held complex investigative activities in Tbilisi and the regions of the country.

The officers of the Central Criminal Police Department arrested previously convicted I.G. (DoB 1989). During the search of his house, the law enforcers seized: “Makarov” pistol with magazine and 8 cartridges, as well as DREISE pistol with magazine and 6 cartridges.

The officers of the Patrol Police Department arrested previously convicted for drug offenses - R.O. (DoB1973), for illegal purchase-storage-carrying of firearms and ammunition. During the personal search of the detainee, the police seized 2 pistols, magazines and ammunition cartridges as evidence.

The officers of Borjomi Police Division of Samtskhe-Javakheti Police Department arrested A.G. (DoB 1974) in Borjomi. During the search of the detainee’s apartment, the law enforcement officers seized as evidence: 2 Kalashnikov automatic weapons, pistols, rifles, pneumatic guns, as well as 4 magazines and 132 ammunition cartridges for various types of firearms.

The officers of Telavi Police Division of Kakheti Police Department detained G.M. (DoB1989). As a result of the investigative activities, the fact of illegal purchase and storage of firearms and ammunition was exposed. Police seized an unregistered small-caliber rifle as evidence during a search of GM"s residential place, based on the relevant court decision.

The facts of illegal purchase, storage and carrying of firearms and ammunition are being investigated under the 236 III and IV parts of the Criminal Code of Georgia. The offenses envision from 3 to 7 years of imprisonment.