25 June 2022,   09:22
32 new hybrid vehicles handed over to Adjara police structural units

In order to improve the police infrastructure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 32 new sedan-type hybrid vehicles have been added to the Adjara police unit car fleet, 25 of them for patrol police. As a result of the car fleet renewal, only hybrid patrol police vehicles will operate in Batumi and Kobuleti. The new, hybrid-powered 7 vehicles were also handed over to criminal police units.

Vakhtang Gomelauri, Minister of Internal Affairs, congratulated the employees on new service vehicle handover, after which the Minister of Internal Affairs personally was familiarized with the technical characteristics and capacities of the newly received service cars in real practical conditions in the streets of Batumi.

The Minister had a personal conversation with the staff of the Adjara Police Department, during which Vakhtang Gomelauri noted that the purpose of improving the police infrastructure is to increase the efficiency of police work and create better, more comfortable work conditions for police officers.

According to him, the new police transport is economical, reduces administrative costs, in particular, fuel and service expenses, at the same time, the new vehicles have minimal emissions and are environmentally friendly means of transformation.

New police vehicles were specially selected for Adjara region, taking into account the needs and conditions of the tourist zone. Hybrid vehicles in the resort cities of Adjara will facilitate more effective policing in Batumi and Kobuleti. Batumi and Kobuleti will be the first settlements in Georgia, where ecologically safe and contemporary police transport will completely replace vehicles operated exclusively by fuel of the patrol police.

It should be outlined that in the current fleet renewal project - none of the new vehicles are intended for the structural units leadership. The Ministry of Internal Affairs regularly updates its service car fleet. Last year, the fleet of police units was renewed with up to 700 vehicles. After Adjara, new, hybrid-powered vehicles are planned to be handed over to Rustavi police officers.