04 February 2023,   17:14
Prime Minister of Georgia criticized PSP Pharmacies

Alleged information exists on misleading customers at PSP Pharmacies on Turkish manufactured medication. If such practice prevails, rather strict follow-up measures will be taken in each individual case. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia.

“One alarming piece of information reached me a few days ago. I wish to name the company. PSP Pharmacy has allegedly been misleading customers. Namely, when an individual wants to buy a specific pill – and I know that it is a notorious instruction, which is reported and needs to be double-checked, of course – the salesperson asks whether the customer wants a high-quality and expensive one or a low-quality Turkish medication. It is a deception of customers, of course. It is straightforwardly outrageous. How can a person act so obscenely and mislead a customer – pensioner and many other vulnerable individuals who try to buy essential medication. At any rate, what does it matter, who enters the pharmacy. Such malpractices need follow-up measures. I did have a conversation on this with Zurab Azarashvili [Minister of Health].

If cases like these continue, each will have very serious response measures. It is unacceptable and categorically forbidden. As we get it, these 200 MLN GEL are a missed opportunity for pharmaceutical companies and an owner of this group included, who intended to generate this much as sales revenues. We know that it is not pleasant information for them, but our main duty is to care for people and I wish to remind everyone, including the opposition and opponents. We need to do whatever people need. That is why, this process will not be halted by anyone!”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.