22 April 2024,   17:14
What took a unilateral decision in 2019, does not need a tango in 2023 - Kobakhidze on flights with Russia

If the unilateral sanction imposed by the Russian Federation regarding flights to Georgia is lifted, it will be welcome in the interests of fellow citizens and countrymen. Such a statement made today the Chairman of Georgian Dream.

“As for the resumption of flights, this is an imposed sanction. If unilateral sanctions are lifted by the Russian Federation, it will be welcome for us in the interests of our fellow citizens and countrymen.

What took a unilateral decision at the time, in 2019, does not need a tango in 2023. It also takes a unilateral decision. Therefore, talking about dancing in a duo is out of the question. If a unilateral decision is made, it is up to them to decide what they will do unilaterally. We state the only position - it would be welcome to remove the unilateral sanction due to our compatriots’ interests. This decision cannot be mutual. This is a unilateral sanction that was imposed at the time, and the lifting of the sanction will be a unilateral decision”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.