22 April 2024,   15:59
We will do everything so that the “fifth column” cannot achieve any of its goals - Irakli Garibashvili

We will do everything so that the “fifth column” cannot achieve any of its goals. The goal of the “fifth column” is to destroy the country, to drag us into war. This is how Prime Minister answered the question of opposition MP Teona Akubardia relating to the security of the country.

“You have already destroyed the country once and we will not let you destroy it a second time! You are stuck in the past, you want to return the past, which will not happen! You are also controlled by, connected to the destructive, radical force that is the party of Saakashvili, the United National Movement.

If you are interested in our visions of the future, you can listen to us, listen to the ministers, deputies about the future visions, plans, ambitious projects that we are implementing. We will implement them without you.

I want to answer you Ms. Teona, you have not done anything on the path of Europeanization of our country, neither you nor your political force, the UNM. Our political power has done a lot on the European road, the association agreement, free trade, visa-free regime, the European perspective is the result of the reforms we have implemented and now we are waiting for the candidate status.

The enemy is the person who creates artificial barriers for our country, our people, so that the country does not get the status. The enmity is that instead of cooperation, the radical opposition organizes sabotage, boycott. Enmity is when your colleagues actively use their patron lobbyists in Brussels to prevent a country from receiving candidate status. Enmity is when Saakashvili himself, Bakradze and others went to Brussels to prevent the country from receiving a visa-free regime. This is enmity and you have involved corrupt, bribed lobbyists in this and also some of the MEPs, who are successfully carrying out this order. This is a direct hostility to the national interests of our country.

Our Government is doing everything. Can you answer what are you doing for your only recommendation, for reducing polarization? Nothing, on the contrary, you are doing everything to bring more tension to the country and you are also a participant in this conspiracy”, - said Irakli Garibashvili.