14 July 2024,   23:59
Natia Turnava, Heads of relevant departments of the NBG, met with representatives of microfinance organizations

Natia Turnava, Acting Governor of the National Bank of Georgia, together with the heads of the NBG departments, met with representatives of microfinance institutions today.

Achievements and challenges in the sector were highlighted at today"s meeting, also attended by the Association of Microfinance Institutions. The activities of the microfinance sector in the past period were recapped and prospects for future cooperation were outlined.

Further refinement of the regulatory framework and access to finance were discussed at the Q&A session. It was noted that the development of the microfinance sector will significantly improve the competitiveness of the financial sector in general. Willingness was expressed to cooperate on increasing access to finance, which will support the creation of additional jobs in the country.

Meetings with the microfinance sector will continue in the future.