19 April 2024,   04:30
A meeting with the representatives of NDI Pre-Election Assessment Mission was held at the CEC

A meeting was convened with the representatives of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) Pre-Election Assessment Mission at the Central Election Commission (CEC). Giorgi Kalandarishvili opened the meeting and discussed preparations for the 26 October 2024 parliamentary elections. The CEC Chairperson provided comprehensive information to mission representatives about activities undertaken for the adoption of E-elections and ongoing work. Additionally, the Chairperson underscored a large-scale voter information campaign and educational projects, international audit results of electronic voting technologies, and other significant electoral matters. Giorgi Kalandarishvili emphasized that the Election Administration (EA) welcomes active engagement of international observation missions in the electoral process and is ready for constructive cooperation.

“We had an interesting meeting with representatives of the NDI Pre-Election Assessment Mission. Basically, we discussed thoroughly all electoral topics related to the administering of the 26 October elections in compliance with international standards. Their arrival, along with other international organizations, is indeed welcomed. This collective effort will inherently enhance the integrity of elections, fortify democratic institutions, and elevate the credibility of electoral processes. While we within our jurisdiction will fully cooperate with international observation missions to provide them with accurate and timely information regarding electoral procedures and related matters”, - said the CEC Chairperson.

During the discussion part, meeting participants deliberated pressing electoral issues in detail. Giorgi Sharabidze, Deputy Chair and Chiefs of structural units attended the meeting together with the CEC Chairperson.

The NDI Delegation has been holding meetings with various electoral stakeholders since February 19. During 5-days, the Delegation will meet with representatives from the Government, political parties, civil sector, media, and diplomatic corps. The mission is composed of Ann Linde, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, Per Eklund, Former EU Ambassador to Georgia, Michael Posner, Former Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, US State Department, Daniel Gottfried, Legislative and Policy Analyst, Chairman Cardin at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Staff, Eva Busza, Regional Director for Eurasia, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and Richard Klein, Director of Elections, NDI. The NDI Georgia representatives also attended today’s meeting.

Following the meetings, the NDI Delegation will release a pre-election assessment report.