24 April 2024,   02:56
We also remember party lobbyists hired by Georgian Dream in the international direction - Dekanoidze on the documents published by FARA

According to Khatia Dekanoidze, a member of the parliamentary political group “EuroOptimists”, the Georgian Dream also hired party lobbyists in the international direction.

“We also remember party lobbyists hired by the Georgian Dream in the international direction. It is more important here to listen to the opinion of Georgian Dream regarding the fact that even the lobbyists hired by them from the state budget are not able to improve the reputation of Georgian Dream in the international arena”, - said Khatia Dekanoidze.

The US Department of Justice published information on the activities lobbying firm “Cornerstone Government Affairs”, hired by the “Formula TV”. According to the documents, the “Cornerstone”, which signed a contract with “Formula TV” in May 2023, actively tried to provide biassed information about ongoing developments in Georgia to representatives of the US Congress. Despite its efforts, the lobbying group was unable to secure meetings with any senators or members of the Congress and only managed to schedule meetings with a few congressional staffers. Besides, the report details that meetings with the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee staff members in October 2023 coincided with the visit of the representatives of “Formula” to Washington. The representatives of the TV allegedly conveyed biassed messages to the Senate and Congress employees. Cornerstone lobbyists also actively communicated with Washington-based think tanks, holding meetings with representatives of the Jamestown Foundation, Brookings, Hudson Institute, and the McCain Institute during Formula TV"s visit to the Capitol Hill. The report indicates that the last recorded activity of the lobbyists, in January 2024, involved planning the McCain Institute’s activities in Georgia for 2024. The total cost of mentioned services amounted to approximately USD 420,000.