29 May 2024,   08:50
We had a remarkably engaging meeting, and I can confidently affirm that we thoroughly addressed every aspect of the draft law - Mdinaradze

Mamuka Mdinaradze, Leader of the Parliamentary Majority, along with Giorgi Chakvetadze, the First Deputy Chairman of the Education, Science, and Youth Affairs Committee/Chairman of Georgian Dream Youth Organization, convened a meeting with the heads of students’ self-governments from higher education institutions to introduce the draft law on Transparency of Foreign Influence.

Following the meeting, Mamuka Mdinaradze stated that all questions posed by the students were comprehensively addressed. He emphasized that the young participants now possess a detailed understanding of both the draft law initiated by Georgian Dream and the practices observed in foreign countries. Furthermore, he confirmed that the two proposals put forward by the students will be incorporated into the draft law.

“We had a remarkably engaging meeting, and I can confidently affirm that we thoroughly addressed every aspect of the draft law, including its principles, necessity, and insights from other countries’ experiences. Numerous questions were raised during our discussion. For instance, a representative from Ilia State University proposed insightful suggestions, which I shared, and it’s noteworthy that none of our adversaries had considered them.

One issue pertained to the term “hint” in clause 8 of the draft law, which will be substituted with “information” to prevent any potential speculation. Another proposal involved funding, specifically the augmentation of internal grants directed towards youth initiatives. It’s worth mentioning that a few days ago, the Prime Minister and I, along with the leaders of Georgian Dream, had a discussion on a similar topic.

The alignment of young people’s opinions with our conversation is highly encouraging news. This proposal is equally imperative, and we"ll ensure its dissemination. We delved into all the topics in great detail. While there were one or two critical comments, we provided comprehensive responses.

Their active participation and robust discussion are commendable. I can confidently state that the students, along with the heads of their self-governments, provided thoroughly comprehensive answers to all inquiries”, - said Mamuka Mdinaradze.