29 May 2024,   10:04
We remain deeply concerned that this draft legislation - Vedant Patel

Similar laws are used by the Kremlin and other repressive governments to systematically repress civil society and the media. Such a statement made the Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of State, while talking about the draft law “On transparency of foreign influence”.

“We remain deeply concerned that this draft legislation, if enacted, could stigmatize civil society organizations working to improve the lives of Georgians citizens and media organizations operating within the – within Georgia to provide information to Georgian citizens. We think that civil society, journalism, media organizations, are cornerstones to any democratic society. And we urge the Georgian Government to heed warnings that this bill is not in line with the European Union’s norms and values, and it certainly would negatively impact Georgia’s progress on its EU path.

We will continue to urge and reiterate the – with the Georgian Government our dire concerns of this kind of legislation, and heed the warnings that this kind of legislative – this kind of legislation, sorry, is not in line with the EU’s norms and values, which would certainly negatively impact Georgia’s stated goal to eventually become party to the European Union”, - said Vedant Patel.