23 May 2024,   12:14
I am asking the UNM to create a party board, to consider my candidacy as its Chairman, and to elect Sofo Japaridze as my deputy - Saakashvili

According to our calculations, in the case of a common list, the opposition will defeat the Georgian Dream by a ratio of 70/30, writes Mikheil Saakashvili on the social network.

“At a crucial moment for the country, the main order of our proud, strong people is unity. As an individual and a regional leader, I am ready to do everything for this unity. First of all, unity means a common list for elections. All major pro-European powers will delegate their representatives to this common list on a parity basis. The election number can be chosen randomly.

According to our calculations, in the case of a common list, the opposition will defeat “Dream” with a ratio of 70/30. Then a transitional government should be formed and staffed with strong specialists who are really in the country and at the same time are not at the forefront of politics at this stage. The opposition and civil society should agree on the changes in the court, the principles of de-oligarchization and the future consensual presidential candidate now.

As for the United National Movement [UNM], we must continue and deepen the relationship and cooperation with the public and other political forces, we must put forward many new faces and put forward new ideas. Although the regime is still isolating me and is preparing new repressions against me, I am ready to become more actively involved and overcome all artificial obstacles. In this regard, I ask the UNM to create a party board in the coming days and to consider my candidacy as the chairman of the board, and to elect Sofo Japaridze as my deputy. She will be the most important new leader among the new generation of politicians. Also for the UNM, with her fearlessness, sociability, she will be able to work for unity with the existing leadership of the party. I personally think that it would be good if she was the first one of the delegates to whom we will present in the list of the common opposition union. It does not reduce the merit and importance of leaders.

Sofo has her own group of very interesting activists and has a unique ability to attract new people who will become an effective part of the UNM and the United Opposition. I have full confidence in her, based on many years of observation of her work and our close cooperation over the last year.

Now is a very important moment, in the coming days we must break the political backbone of the Russian regime! We should not allow them to protest and divide us again!

Now “No Russian law” and “No Russian regime” are inseparable slogans”, - writes the third president of Georgia.