22 June 2024,   19:14
Prime Minister spreads structured, targeted, well-thought-out Kremlin disinformation – Ana Natsvlishvili

Irakli Kobakhidze is spreading structured, targeted, well-thought-out Kremlin disinformation. Such a comment made today Ana Natsvlishvili from the Lelo party, while responding to the statement of the Prime Minister of Georgia that “in a phone talk, one of the European Commissioners listed several measures that Western politicians might take if the veto on the transparency law is overcome”. While listing these measures, he mentioned, “You’ve seen what happened to [Slovak Prime Minister] Fico and you should be very careful”.

“People might initially assume that Irakli Kobakhidze requires medical assistance or that this subject belongs in the humor genre.

However, he is spreading structured, targeted, well-thought-out Kremlin-written disinformation, which is so ridiculous that it could make people laugh or gravitate towards the medical genre.

This is Russian disinformation, which appears to be utterly ludicrous and delusional, but it actually has extremely detrimental intentions for the Georgian state.

Kobakhidze, who disseminates Kremlin-written disinformation, is not Georgia’s prime minister; rather, he is a Kremlin propagandist who will have to leave office through elections”, - said Ana Natsvlishvili.