14 July 2024,   08:00
Certificate course of Tbilisi School of Management has started - Shalva Papuashvili met the first stream of the school

The Speaker of the Parliament held a meeting with the representatives of Tbilisi School of Management conducting their activity in various state agencies. Shalva Papuashvili is a supporter of the School of Management and hence, the series of meetings of the first group of School started with the meeting with him.

The central topic of the discussion was “reforms, business and the parliament”.

“When we speak about public sector and public administration, it is paramount to ensure the communication not only in a formal manner – through the systems and correspondence, but via the relations network, which always simplifies the exchange of information and the adoption of the decisions based on the cooperation. Thus, the projects, reinforcing the network, simplifying the communication and enhancing cooperation beyond the formal scope are to be applauded and I am delighted to enjoy the opportunity of expressing my highest support of this project.

One of the key tasks implies the welfare of our population and all the decisions of economic policy that the Parliament makes in collaboration with the Government are directed to the achievement of the hereof goal. If we take a look, we will envision that Georgia is a leader country according to the economic growth not only in the region but also compared to the EU”, - said the Speaker.

He accentuated the EU integration process and the challenges accompanying the legal harmonization. As he highlighted, 55% of the Association Agreement has already been fulfilled and in this regard, Georgia is far ahead of other countries.

“The Parliament is one of the key institutions that ensure the fulfillment of the regulations at the legal level, however, this process is further delegated to the Ministries, which, through the legal acts, adhere to this process for the inculcation of all regulations”, - noted Shalva Papuashvili.

The meeting proceeded in the discussion format, moderated by the founder of the Business Insider Georgia and Economic Forum, Giorgi Abashishvili. The academic course aims at the facilitation of the professional qualification of public workers and the improvement of communication between the public and private sectors through the exchange of experience and knowledge. The course includes six topics purposed for high officials and leading business companies.