20 July 2024,   03:55
When visa restrictions are imposed by the US side without naming surnames, this doesn’t correspond to the spirit of partnership, everything must be done to strengthen partnership - Kobakhidze

When imposing visa restrictions without stating names, the only effect it can have is to insult another state, this doesn’t correspond to the spirit of partnership. Such a statement made today the Prime Minister of Georgia.

“The US has imposed so-called visa restrictions, they don’t call it sanctions. In reality, these visa restrictions were imposed without the names being made public, and what’s more, we’ve checked, to date, not a single MP has been notified of the visa restrictions.

Therefore, the hype that has been created in the opposition is completely exaggerated. The very decision that was voiced is insulting to the Georgian state and Georgian society. Because that’s not how you talk to a partner country, but as far as the practical burden of this decision is concerned, the practical burden is actually zero.

When imposing visa restrictions without naming surnames, the only effect it can have is to insult another state. This does not correspond to the spirit of partnership, although everything must be done from our side in order to strengthen partnership relations in the future. This is our wish.

I want to once again express my respect for the current Ambassador, whose activities are qualitatively different from the activities of the previous Ambassador.

Accordingly, we have a reason for optimism, and I hope that these relations will move from the current wrong tracks to the right tracks. In his time, the former Ambassador spoiled Georgian-US relations so much that it was theoretically impossible to spoil more than that.

The previous Ambassador spoiled the maximum in Georgian-US relations. It has no practical significance. You remember that at one time such visa restrictions were imposed on judges, although this did not affect the work of the court in any way. It did not limit the independence of the court. US’s reputation was affected. When you impose visa restrictions without any facts and evidence, it certainly affects the reputation of your country. The US imposed visa restrictions on judges without any facts or evidence”, - said Irakli Kobakhidze.