14 July 2024,   15:47
It is with great regret that I have to tell you that EU-Georgia relationship is currently going through a difficult period - Paweł Herczyński

The adoption of this law, as I see it, has frozen Georgia’s integration into the European Union. Such a comment the EU Ambassador to Georgia made while answering the question regarding statement of the Prime Minister of Georgia, according to which “after the adoption of the Law on Transparency the chances of opening negotiations with the EU increased to 20-30%”.

“It is my long-standing policy not to comment on any specific statements, but since you asked me a question about the current state of relations between the EU and Georgia, it is with great regret that I have to tell you that we are currently going through a difficult period in our relationship. We have repeatedly said that the adoption of the “Foreign Influence” law would have a negative impact on Georgia’s aspirations to join the EU, and unfortunately, this has happened.

The EU will discuss the results next week. This discussion will be held first at the level of foreign ministers, and after a few days at the level of leaders, so the presidents and prime ministers will discuss and we will decide what measures we will take regarding these developments in Georgia.

Of course, it had a negative impact on the prospects of Georgia’s progress. In principle, the adoption of this law froze Georgia’s integration into the EU. As you know, integration into the EU requires unanimity, we have already heard that several member states have publicly stated that if this law is adopted, they will be against the opening of accession negotiations with Georgia”, - said Paweł Herczyński.