25 July 2024,   17:51
The Toradze International Music Festival has ended in Tbilisi

The Toradze International Music Festival ended in Tbilisi. The event was held for the second time. The program featured performances by renowned musicians from the global classical scene, ranging from legendary figures to emerging experimentalists. Notable participants include Gergely Madaras, Paavo Järvi, Christian Blackshaw, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Gabriel Prokofiev, Noemi Gyori, and Matthew Meadows.

This year, the festival opened with a truly grandiose event: a 10-hour Rachmaninoff marathon. This all-day musical celebration, taking place from 12:00 to 22:00, highlighted the profound influence and pedagogical legacy of Alexander (Lexo) Toradze. Featuring a stellar lineup of his former students, current Toradze Foundation stipend holders, and a student of one of his notable protégés, Edisher Savitski, the festival underscored Toradze’s enduring impact on the world of classical piano.

“Toradze International Music Festival” aims to popularize Georgian music and culture around the world, while discovering and supporting the new generation of Georgian musicians is the additional goal of the festival.