22 July 2024,   00:10
Ministry of Sports donates GEL 179,960 in equipment to Mountaineers Federation

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia has donated sports equipment worth GEL 179,960 to the United Federation of Georgian Mountaineers to benefit both novice and experienced climbers, the body said.

“Georgian mountaineers have conquered various peaks in Georgia as well as the Himalayas and Patagonia with the Ministry’s support. The assistance led to the establishment of the first mountaineering school in Georgian history.

This initiative aims to train 25 individuals selected from 120 applicants over a three-year period under the guidance of professional instructors.

The Ministry said it had initiated the construction of the Aylama Alpinist Camp in western Lentekhi Municipality in 2023.

The project, costing GEL 3.31 million and set for completion in 2024, will feature a modern two-story building equipped with a conference hall, administrative offices, living quarters, bathrooms, a kitchen and a medical facility.

The latest donation was following its provision of sports equipment and inventory worth GEL 305,000 to the Federation since 2023”, - reads the statement of the agency.