26 October 2021,   05:18
Distance between occupation line and central highway of Georgia is only 500 meters

Russian militaries have approached Georgia`s central motorway as close as 500 meters. Alongside with the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, part of which has been controlled by Russian militaries since the 2008 war, due to the creeping occupation, the danger is threatening now the central highway connecting eastern and western parts of Georgia.

Vasil Urushadze, the founder of "Hab Georgia", says that Moscow is using the vicinity of the occupation line to the motorway as the main leverage of trade with Europe and Tbilisi and causes millions of dollars of damage to the Georgian economy. According to experts, this is a vital position for the Kremlin and they advise the authorities to take effective measures to protect the motorway.

The opposition blames the government for inactivity and inadequate reaction to the facts of creeping occupation.

Experts speak of possible economic and international problems, besides military and political threats.

The authorities say that they raise the issue of the creeping occupation at all high level meetings, but it has been impossible to stop the process for five years already. Prime Minister`s Special Representative Zurab Abashidze will meet with his colleague Gregory Karasin on Friday and, as he says, he will raise the issue at the meeting.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the nformation regarding Russia"s occupation of Georgia today and accused the Georgian side of lies. According to the statement, no occupation and border transfer occurred yesterday and in fact they have not appropriated 10 hectares of territory owned by Georgia.