18 January 2022,   23:04
The unity saved our statehood, the strength is in unity - Giorgi Vashadze

Heroes killed in the August 2008 war were remembered by members of "New Georgia" at the end of the day yesterday. They visited the Mukhatgverdi Brothers Cemetery accompanied by the members of the youth wing. They lighted up the candles and symbolically.flew red kites into the sky

Giorgi Vashadze, the leader of the "New Georgia" said that the war between Russia and Georgia is not yet completed and each Georgian is responsible for remembering soldiers killed in the battlefield.

"2008 year and war, the aggression that we have received from Russia is an important day for world history, not only for Georgia and the only thing that saved our statehood was our unity and strength, it should be remembered by everyone" Vashadze.

According to the members of the youth wing, they will continue the work for which Georgian heroes sacrificied themselves.