19 May 2022,   10:00
Police mobilized at Georgian Railway - railway workers are preparing for large-scale rally

Police are mobilized at the Georgian Railway. Railway workers are preparing for a massive rally. The number of people on hunger strike has increased.

The requirements of the railway workers remain unchanged. They demand resignation of the heads of public relations and infrastructure services and restoration of their own labor rights.

Vitaly Giorgadze, Chairman of the New Trade Union of Georgian Railways, calls on the administration of the Railway to meet their demands.

Ucha Gvtisiashvili, a Georgian Railway employee, says that he does not intend to stop hunger-strike if Tsaguria does not stop the unjust accusations against them.

Irakli Petriashvili, Chairman of Georgian Trade Unions Union responds to the accusation of Dachi Tsaguria and states that it is impossible to force a railway worker to go on hunger strike. Dachi Tsaguria states that Petriashvili`s personal motives are obvious in connection with the railway workers.