05 July 2022,   22:46
New rule of enforcement of video fines goes into force from November 1

The new rule of enforcing video fines will be effective from November 1. After receiving information on video penalty, an individual will enjoy 20% exemption if he/she pays the fine within 10 calendar days, - Georgia’s Interior Ministry has declared when presenting a new regulation of administering video penalties.

As it was declared at the presentation, up to 3000 so-called smart cameras will be installed throughout the country all year long. Violations will be perceived by the video-analytical programs established in the MIA joint operations center.

According to the new regulation those violating the law will be immediately informed via sms or application.

"We constantly think about developing and this center serves to enhance the quality of our population and to be effective in both the response and prevention," said Giorgi Mgebrishvili, the Minister of Internal Affairs.