04 July 2022,   03:56
Sopo Japaridze or Tamar Kaldani - Who will replace Ucha Nanuashvili?

Who will replace Ucha Nanuashvili? "Kurieri" learned that the ruling team will not nominate Nanuashvili for the post of the Public Defender for the second term and discussing the candidacy for his successor .

According to the spread information, "Georgian Dream" has two candidates. One is being lobbied by the parliament, the other is by the government of Georgia. These are: Prime Minister`s adviser - Sophie Japaridze and personal data protection inspector Tamar Kaldani.
The ruling party,presumed decided not to name Ucha Nanuashvili for the second term because of the rigid views of the Public Defender. In recent years, he has been actively confronting justice and interior ministers, and the country"s first police officer has accused the ombudsman of protecting criminals.