30 November 2021,   23:06
NGOs talk about nepotist personnel policy in GPB

The third sector responds again to the recent developments in the Public Broadcaster. The concerns of NGOs, as it was stated in their joint statement, was caused by an increased influence of individuals connected to the former government and former prime minister Bidzina Ivanishvili.

"Transparency International - Georgia" says that the GPB has openly nepotist personnel policy, which has a negative impact on the media environment.

"The editorial policy itself, which is confirmed by studies, is that the broadcaster is less critical of the government, as well as has a nepotist personnel policy. All of this reveals the concern that the influence of individuals associated with the government and former prime minister around the Public Broadcaster is getting stronger, which certainly negatively impacts media development in the country, "- said Mamuka Andghuladze, a member of Transparency International Georgia.

The third sector calls on the Parliament of Georgia to get interested in the events taking place in the Public Broadcaster and organize public discussions on the fulfillment of obligations under the Law on Public Broadcaster.