27 June 2022,   06:31
Founder of "Salvus Development" accuses Soso Sigua of misappropriation of his business

A Scandalous s statement of a founder of the company "Salvus Development". The owner of one of the biggest constructing companies says that senior officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have forced him to register the constructing building on the name of the third party. The construction is underway on the Nutsubidze slope.

Giorgi Sozashvili accuses Soso Sigua, the senior official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of misappropriation of hir business. The case concerns one of the subsidiaries of "Salvus Development"- "Salus Saburtalo".

Giorgi Sozasvili calls on the relevant authorities to get interested in the case because it is pressure on business.

"One of our companies was swindled on March 14th by a fraudulent group. about what we said in our respective agencies and it is not yet a response to anybody," said Salvus Development "owner Giorgi Sozashvili.

Several days ago, an incident took place in the office of "Salvus Development", after which investigation into the case of Giorgi Sozashvili was initiated under Article 151. Beka Ezhishvili, the prosecutor is involved in the case as well. Owner of "Salvus Development" links the problems of the company with his relationship with Rustavi 2.