27 June 2022,   06:33
Different attitude towards LGBT community has become a cause for confrontation in Martvili School,

A 15-year-old student of Martvili school accuses of verbal abuse his schoolmates due to the different attitude towards LGBT community. According to the teenager, the disagreement started on the lesson of civic education, where pupils together with teacher were discussing Guram Kashia action . The theme later turned into a discussion of the attitude of teenagers towards the LGBT community.

According to Martvili School student, his position has become a subject of physical confrontation from peers. According to him, after the lesson he expressed his opinion in the social network, which is why four fellow students beat him near the school.

As a result of the beating, 15-year-old teenager was hospitalized. According to the schoolchildren, senior pupils were challenged by the encouragement of a civic education teacher. His relatives agree with this position. The teacher does not share the complaints of the student1s relatives.

The police have already questioned the participants of the incident but the investigation will not continue because the 15-year-old boy`s parents are not going to file a complaint in the police.