03 July 2022,   19:01
Prosecutor"s Office refused to grant vistim status to Paata Pavliashvili`s family

The prosecutor"s office refused to grant the victim status to the family of Paata Pavliashvili who died in Nutsubidze Street.

According to GYLA lawyer, Levan Vepkhvadze, the reason for rejecting the letter is justified by the argument that there is no clear defendant at this stage. However, he also said that the family can get access to case materials based on the good will of the Prosecutor`s Office.

At this stage Pavliashvili`s family is waiting for an expertise conclusion which should be ready no later than 45 days.

According to Levan Vepkhvadze, next week the family will get the case materials and the investigation will continue in the Prosecutor"s Office.