25 June 2022,   12:40
According to the member of the Council of Justice, Gvenetadze named the vague reason for the delay of appointment of judges

The Chairman of the Supreme Court has signed a decree of a permanent appointment of 34 judges. However, at the end of the working day, Nino Gvenetadze has held a face to face meeting with all of them.

According to Dimitri Gvritishvili, a member of the High Council of Justice of Georgia, Nino Gvenetadze has named the vague legislative regulation as the reason for not signing the order.It is not yet known what will happen to those judges, whose appointment has not been signed and whose three-year prohibition period expires.

According to Griitishvili, the members of the Council have explained to Gvenetadze that the abovementioned two issues were not related, after which Gvenetadze has made a decision to sign the order.